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Aug 25, 2020

“So many of us feel like we have to dim who we are to be accepted in the world… but the more that you focus on just being you, the brighter your light will shine.” 

Cayla Craft shared these wise words during a face-off edition of our podcasts earlier this month. Cayla’s heart for leadership, family, and faith inspire me so much as an entrepreneur and these words capture so much of who she is and what she stands for. 

In my mind, she embodies the “practice what you preach” mentality more than most people I have met, so much so that she even had her breast implants removed earlier this year because she felt inauthentic. 

My conversation with Cayla reminded me of how important the idea of living in light is, especially in times of such challenge and uncertainty. In a world that seems so dark, we need to shine our lights even brighter. But a lot of times, that’s far from easy. 

I love the movie Coach Carter for the way it encourages this idea of shining brighter instead of shrinking back. When we do this effectively, we do far more than simply change ourselves. According to the movie, “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Cayla spoke into this idea and gave some great insights into exactly what it means to shine our light in the world. While it’s often uncomfortable to do at first, the more we get used to seeing and living in the light, the less we will want to go back to living in the dark. 

What an amazing opportunity we all have to not only be lights, but to encourage others to shine their lights brighter as well. What are some ways you can shine your light in the midst of the darkness surrounding the world today? 

For more on this topic, including my entire interview with Cayla Craft, listen to the Created For Experience podcast – Face Off with Cayla Craft. And be sure to listen to Cayla’s Mommy Millionaire podcast for more inspiring content!


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