Elevate Summit 2020 – Sangram Vajre

Jul 8, 2020


As leaders (or team members), how often do we think about the importance of community?

Sangram Vajre, one of this year’s amazing speakers at the Elevate Summit, challenged listeners with this concept of community or “belongship”. 

What many of us (myself included) often forget is that the community surrounding your business is your brand. The people who you interact with online or sell a product to or partner with all make up a unique community that is absolutely pivotal to the long term success and impact of your organization. How you treat these people and cater to their needs will determine whether or not they become raving fans of what you do. 

The best businesses know how to serve these people well and to keep them coming back. 

The same is true for any great leader. Sangram used examples like Gandhi and Mother Teresa to describe impactful leaders who have created communities uniquely their own. Their “brands” and personal influence have continued to make a difference even to this day. 

Sangram’s process of pursuing goals and chasing after the important things in life also inspired me in my own leadership. One of his most powerful statements was: “If your picture of success is clear, your results will be spectacular.”

It’s far too easy to get distracted in pursuit of our goals, especially in the tumultuous work environment of today. What we need is to determine the thing that matters most and to stay focused on that goal. 

With all that said, I’ll leave you with Sangram’s closing question that got me thinking and will hopefully encourage you to do the same: What do you want to be remembered for and how can you set about creating that legacy today? And even more than that, how can you incorporate serving your community into this legacy?

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