How to Be Your Own Hype Man

Jun 15, 2020

From the first moment of the day when your alarm clock goes off, it’s showtime. They say the energy you part out into the universe is the energy you’re going to receive. 

Of course, there are days where we are going to wake up feeling tired and less motivated, but that’s when you need to become your own hype man. 

We all have that one friend or family member that can improve our mood by either listening or giving you the much-needed pep-talk. 

Who says we can’t do that for ourselves?

Realistically, that is a lot of energy for 9 a.m., but there are some subtle things that you can do to refocus your energy and improve your mood. 

  1.  Positive affirmations

Similar to what I said earlier about how the energy we put out is the energy we are going to receive, if we tell ourselves simple things as I am smart, my work and I are valued, or even I can do it, will make a huge difference. Just saying it out loud makes an impact. 

2. Pump it up!

Yes, I said it. Pump it up! Turn on your favorite upbeat music and give yourself a little time to have a personal dance party or go for a walk. Step away for a moment, give yourself some time to rebuild your energy, and then sit down again and go back to your original task. 

3. Step away 

Take a moment to step away from the situation and give yourself a moment to breathe. Focus on how you’re feeling and what you need to do to finish the day on a strong note. Perhaps writing out a small to-do list or cleaning up your space can bring some added peace to the day. 

Figure out what kind of hype man you can be for yourself. Some of us need the one that is going to turn the music up real loud and scream positive affirmations at us. On the other hand, some days we need someone to tell us to take slow breaths and write down what needs to be done. 

Regardless of the category your hype man falls under, remember that at the end of the day you know yourself best and know what you need to succeed.

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