Importance of Your Space

Jun 4, 2020

For the past three months, most of us have turned our kitchen tables and bedrooms into home offices. Focusing while working from home can be difficult with the many distractions surrounding us. 

Here are a few small ways that can make working from home easier and increase productivity.

1. Your workspace should only be used as your workspace!

  • Mealtime and time spent doing other things like scrolling through social media should be done somewhere else. 

2. Dress for success 

  • You don’t have to sit down to the table in your best slacks, but changing out of your pajamas is a good start and helps change your mindset from “relax mode to work mode”.

3. Have a schedule 

  • Normally at work, we have some sort of schedule or routine. Try writing a to-do list and stick to it. 

4. Make quiet time for yourself 

  • Before the workday starts try carving out a little time for yourself to mentally prepare for the day ahead. That time can be used to drink your morning coffee or get your space ready for the day. 

5. Move your body !!

  • After a full day of sitting, moving the body is important. That designated time can also be used to re-align yourself after a long workday. 

6. “Try” to avoid procrastinating 

  • This is a hard one and 10x easier to do when you’re working from home. Have a set of deadlines and using incentives are a few ways to stop procrastinating. Perhaps for every 40 minutes of solid work you get a 10-minute break. 

And lastly don’t be too hard on yourself. Working from home is not easy especially when there are distractions in front of you that are not normally there. During this time give yourself a little mercy, some days are going to be extremely productive while others are going to be average.  

– Lilia, Content Intern 2o2o


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