Asking One More Question

Jun 3, 2020

Should I do it?

Should I really ask another question? 

These are just two worries that commonly run through a stream of anxious questions we silently ask ourselves. 

Oftentimes we get bogged down in how we sounded and if we worded our question just the right way. We sit on a pile of what-ifs and stress over the things we forgot to ask.

Asking questions is not a bad thing. Asking questions helps you learn. Asking questions gives you a deeper understanding and more knowledge.

Those are just a few examples of how asking questions, in general, helps us in a broader sense. 

This leads to the what-ifs.

Sometimes our questions lead to one more question which then leads to another question. Because of one inquiry, a whole new possibility can be discovered. Think about all of the scientists that asked what if we did it this way or what if we changed this?

If they didn’t ask those simple questions then who knows what the outcome could have been? If someone didn’t question space and the possibility of man orbiting the earth or stepping foot on the moon perhaps those monumental achievements would never have happened.

That goes the same for daily life. 

Asking one question can open a door you never thought was possible. Socrates is well known for asking questions. His belief was that if you ask the right questions you can explore complex ideas or open up issues and problems. 

The outcome of one question can be more than a simple answer. It can be many things. 

It can be a new job opportunity, a newfound interest between two people, or even a realization.  

Always ask questions, you never know what the outcome may be. 

“And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all.”- Socrates 


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