Comeback Stories – Tommy John

Jun 2, 2020

With a 1-100 chance of recovering after undergoing a risky procedure due to a UCL tear, Tommy John took the chance that he would never play baseball again. After a long year of healing, Tommy John learned how to pitch a new way.

He would later go on to win another 164 games and be known for his risky surgery, which is now referred to as the “Tommy John surgery”. 

His story is more than a recovery tale, his willingness to put his career on the line and take a chance is something many of us face. 

Whether it is taking a new job in a field you’re unfamiliar with or doing something you’re not 100% comfortable with. It is the risks and the what-ifs that help us become stronger and lead to change. 

If we don’t take risks, how are we supposed to grow?

We all have those wild dreams that we deem unachievable, but if you don’t take one small step how are you ever going to take larger ones?

Throughout Tommy John’s healing process there was much to be learned during that healing process. To come back stronger, one has to grow and learn.

Those two things can be uncomfortable, but it’s the uncomfortable and the risks that help us become more confident and resilient. 

Tommy John did not plan to get injured and that alone is a good lesson. Those curveballs that come our way are a constant reminder that we can’t plan out every aspect of our lives. 

With the overwhelming urge to be successful, it is easy to be scared of failure. Oftentimes we think that if we follow these 10 steps we are going to have these great careers and be happy, but that is simply not the case. 

 “My philosophy has always been simple: believe in yourself.” – Tommy John

As cliche as it may sound, at the end of the day, it is always going to be you. You’re the one who has to make the changes and you’re the one who has to believe you can.

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