Leadercast Series – Amy Jo Martin

May 28, 2020

In a world full of uncertainty, why should I take a chance on something that could very well fail?

I think a lot of us have probably had this thought, especially in the midst of the current global crisis. However, I believe there is a lot of potential for growth and opportunity, even in circumstances that seem less than ideal.

This is the main argument and theme of the new book I am in the process of writing. Inspired by the Coronavirus pandemic, I have witnessed so much struggle but also a great amount of potential for success for those who are willing to think outside the box. Many people who might never have thought about starting their own business or taking a chance on an idea are now seeing the opportunity and wanting to take advantage of it, and I really want to encourage them in that. 

Amy Jo Martin, a social media expert and speaker at Leadercast 2020, refers to this idea of new opportunity as “leveling the playing field.” Sticking to the Leadercast theme of Positive Disruption, her talk centered on the concept of being a renegade in the world of business, especially an environment that might not seem conducive to this type of endeavor. Now, Amy Jo is very much a renegade in her own journey as an entrepreneur and social media strategist. Very similar to my own entrepreneurial experience, Amy Jo’s business was started with a leap of faith moment that resulted in a successful career helping many big name celebrities with their social media branding. 

Her “Renegade Rules” offer some great insight, especially for those looking to create a meaningful brand online. Oftentimes, this process starts with creating connections and sharing the why rather than the what. Since social media is really social communication, that should be our main focus when trying to spread our message online. When we lose the human aspect of it, we really miss the point. 

If renegades really want to be successful and make an impact in the world, they have to understand why the things they do are important to the people around them. 

One of Amy Jo’s other “Renegade Rules” is leveraging adversity, a concept that is key for those who are looking to start their own business during an economic downturn or any other crisis. 

In moments like this Amy Jo argues the importance of putting logic in the driver’s seat and letting fear take a back seat. 

In a world that seems so full of fear, I think that’s something we could all use a little more of. 

Check out Amy Jo Martin’s Leadercast 2020 talk for more on this topic, including all ten of her Renegade Rules.

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