Hiring and Onboarding Remote Team Members

May 20, 2020

While it feels like the world simply pressed pause on a large scale TV remote, that is not the case in hiring. With new strategies being tested and odd jobs being created, new positions are opening up just waiting to be filled. Hiring new employees online may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it just takes a little readjusting and learning.

The initial steps are similar to those that would take place before the interview date is set. Once the application is live and submissions have been made, this is when you weed through the hopeful applicants and decide who to start the interview process with. 

Zoom or other video meeting platforms will become one of your most-used resources. Once the applicant has received the details of the virtual interview, the interview should go as it would in person. Have the important details regarding the time and day included in the invitation. 

Conducting an interview online may seem strange, but it opens up a variety of opportunities. In the early stages of the interview process have the applicants send a short-form video introducing themselves and answering some basic questions.

This is a good way to continue discovering who would work well with your team before interviewing them. After going through your new video submissions continue the process of selecting who moves forward to the next stages.

Once the interview dates have been set, conduct the virtual interview close to how you would in person. Ask relevant questions and try to get to know them and get a sense of if they would be a good fit for your brand. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat

The process may seem long-winded but after multiple interviews, the decision should be relatively straightforward. 

Once your new employees have agreed to join the team, this is when being clear and precise is important. It is essential to keep communication flowing smoothly throughout the onboarding process to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Have all of the information regarding brand voice and new tasks available and easy to understand for the new team members. 

Be ready for any questions. 

Get excited about adding more people to the team. Make them feel welcomed and excited about the new role they are taking on. And lastly, be patient with yourself and your new employees. There is no perfect way to do things especially when it is being done from home. 

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