Business and a Healthy Lifestyle

Mar 24, 2020

A healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. 

Staying active, eating well, and remaining conscious of my overall health have had a big impact in many parts of my life. But health isn’t always the easiest thing to prioritize, especially with so many other daily distractions. 

I think it’s safe to say that many people desire to have a healthy lifestyle but find it difficult to maintain in the midst of a busy schedule and a crazy pace of life. What many people probably don’t realize is the extent to which our health and everyday lifestyle affects our disposition. According to a recent Forbes article, our diet alone contributes to our moods, energy levels, and even our time management skills. 

Three Dimensional Business 

My friend, Nicolas Bayerle recently encouraged me with the idea that health and business shouldn’t be mutually exclusive goals. Too many of us prioritize our work and lose focus on our health, making the excuse that we are choosing the better of the two options for ourselves and our families. In reality, our health affects every other area of our lives, from the attitude we convey in the workplace to the energy we have when we get home. 

Nicolas has spent much of his career encouraging men in this and other areas of their lives. His business, Billion Dollar Body, ties together the ideas of health, wealth, and relationships – three things that many people need but few know how to balance in their daily lives. When someone is able to master each of these skills, Nicolas refers to them as a three dimensional businessperson. Not only are they more effective in their career, but their relationships and their health are improved as well. 

For Nicolas this concept comes from a personal struggle with his weight and overall fitness as a teenager. By overcoming this obstacle in his own life, he found that health was the number one thing to give him his life and his confidence back. In other words, health not only improves our physical body, it also improves our mental and emotional approach to the things we do and the people we are around. 

Health for your team

Earlier this year I released my first book, Culture Reconstructed, where I detailed the fundamental building blocks of a healthy culture. One of the last chapters of the book focused on this idea of Health and Wellness in the workplace. 

Now, it’s important for business leaders to remember that this concept should be an equal blend of both personal choice and corporate responsibility. We can’t make our team prioritize their health, but we can incentivize it and even encourage a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. For my company, Elevate Experiences, our Month of Hustle program encourages team members to set fitness goals along with our regular professional goals. 

There are many reasons for business leaders to take an interest in not only their own health but the health of their teams as well. Some results of a healthy team include:

  • More productivity
  • More creative output
  • Likely to press through ambiguity
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased problem-solving ability
  • Decreased injuries during work tasks
  • Higher emotional intelligence and self-confidence

So needless to say, there are plenty of benefits from creating a healthy team or at least an environment that encourages team members to prioritize their health in one way or another. 

Going forward, I would challenge you to take this concept to heart whether it’s for yourself or for your team. Set aside some time to go for a run or go to the gym. Plan for some healthier meals throughout your week. Ask a friend to join this new journey with you or to hold you accountable. 

Overall, remember that health isn’t just a diet or exercise routine, it’s a lifestyle that has the potential to impact every other area of your life for the better.


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