The Coronavirus and a Remote Work Culture

Mar 13, 2020

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to appear on FOX Houston to discuss my new book, remote work culture, and how it applies to the American workplace in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Below, I have detailed some of my tips from that discussion to give your business a little bit more clarity and comfort in the coming weeks, as many companies transition to a remote work environment. 

One of the main considerations you should focus on is how you can keep productivity up when you aren’t in the same workspace as your coworkers. 

The space you create. This first consideration is important because it requires you to determine where you will be most productive. Will it be at a coffee shop or at a home office?

The time on and off work. Your professional and personal life tend to blur a little bit more when you work from home as opposed to a traditional office setting. Everyday distractions become a lot more prevalent when we don’t spend the majority of our day in the workplace. It’s important to set guidelines for yourself and to be conscientious of the time you are and are not working.

Declutter your mind. When you work from home, it’s easy to lose focus on the task at hand with so many other things to think about. It’s important to figure out a system that will allow you to declutter your mind. Maybe that’s taking a break every so often or completing one task at a time. Figure out what strategy works best and will allow you to be most productive. 

The right expectations. Understand what you expect from yourself and what your team is expecting from you. Know your limits and the amount of work you are capable of accomplishing in a certain amount of time. Also remember to manage your expectations of co-workers and the ways in which you communicate with them on a daily basis. 

People in leadership roles have another set of responsibilities to consider for their team when it comes to creating a remote work culture. Here are a few important things to consider and to keep in mind throughout this process. 

  • Set work hours with clarity and precision
  • Operate with trust and assume the best in your employees
  • Equip your team with the proper technology
  • Maximize your in-person events

The biggest and most successful companies in the world ask the right question: how do we keep our people productive?

For my own company, this comes down to what I like to call the Reset Movement – resetting what culture actually means when it comes to remote workers. Part of this is understanding the increased importance of team meetings and events when your team is actually together. It also involves creating intentional conversations with your team whether you are all together or not. These conversations should center around important content that is furthering your organization and your team’s productivity. 

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, these tips are more relevant than ever. While many companies are being forced to embrace this work culture, there are many benefits that can come from it that should not be overlooked. 

If we’re able to lean into the expectations surrounding this new type of culture, our companies and our economy can keep moving forward, even in times of uncertainty. 


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